Davies Dispatch – Keep An Eye Out …for BAD Bills.

There are over 2000 Bills introduced in the California State Legislature this 2022 Session. And yet, still residents are grappling with significant issues NOT ADDRESSED like choosing between keeping food on the table or gas in the car given increasing costs and outrageous taxes. Some of these 2000 Bills make no sense at all!

AB 2098 – Coming to the Senate Appropriations CommitteeIf a physician or surgeon disseminates misinformation on the nature and risks of COVID-19, including prevention, treatment and the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, they could be at-risk of losing their license.

These are conversations between a doctor and a patient. They must be protected! No doctor should be threatened with loss of licensure due to sharing their professional opinion with their patient. Enough is enough – let’s find common sense solutions to real problems plaguing Californians